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As a family or individual, you may make an annual tax-deductible donation to WiSE. Donations may be undesignated, or designated for "Fish Gotta Swim..." or our scholarship fund.
If you are a corporate donor, you can make direct contributions to Wilderness Southeast.
You may refer other friends to us, carry our message, plan another coastal exploration with us.
Your workplace might establish an annual charitable giving campaign for employees via payroll deduction through Earth Share of Georgia. Ask us how.
Give your time and expertise. from time to time we have specific projects that are appropriate for internships or volunteers. Please contact us with your time frame, needs, and interests.
Donate Online Today!

All donations to Wilderness Southeast are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Wilderness Southeast is a 501(c)(3) educational corporation.

Your Help is Needed
Please help support good education about the natural world! Fish Gotta Swim... engages public middle school students from low-performing and low-income schools in water quality investigations at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. Contributions are needed for this in-depth program to help more students discover the interconnectedness of living things, and the importance of clean water to us all.

We maintain a small scholarship fund to help needy students learn about the wild nature of Georgia's coastal plain on customized field trips. Partial scholarships are available to those individuals on the basis of need.

Your undesignated donation allows us to choose the area of greatest need at that time. All donations are used solely in the service of our mission.

Our Mission: 
To develop appreciation, understanding, stewardship, and enjoyment of the natural world.

What We Do
Wilderness Southeast teaches both children and adults about the biology, ecology, geology, and natural and human history of native communities. We use native wildlife in real situations to motivate learning, and use a variety of sites to protect both the site and the quality of your experience. About 75% of our program is user funded. We have provided hands-on, entertaining education to an average of 1000 people per year since 1973.

"You can not save the land apart from the people or the people apart from the land."
     Wendell Berry, Another Turn of the Crank

"The noblest task that confronts us all today is to leave this country unspotted in honor, and unexhausted in resources — I conceive this task to partake of the highest spirit of patriotism."
     Gifford Pinchot, The World's Work, 1908

3025 Bull St, #302, Savannah, GA 31405
Phone:  912-236-8115    Email:  info@wilderness-southeast.org
Our services are available to all without discrimination as to race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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