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Our Guides

We know your experience is defined by the knowledge and enthusiasm of your guide. Bring your curiosity! Wilderness Southeast guides are carefully chosen to give you a memorable experience.
"The guide was knowledgeable and considerate. She went out of her way to help and accommodate us."
     S.S., Drums, PA


John Crawford John “Crawfish” Crawford 
“Crawfish” is an avid outdoorsman and Savannah native, who has made a lifetime study of wild places and their inhabitants. He has been researcher, teacher, expedition leader, naturalist, and environmental consultant for several organizations. He is currently University of Georgia faculty at the UGA Marine Extension Center & Aquarium and is a USCG licensed Master Captain. One of the three founders of Wilderness Southeast, “Crawfish” shares his vast wealth of natural history with infectious enthusiasm.
    Joyce Murlless Joyce Murlless
With a wealth of experience in natural history observation and discoveries, and both a bachelors and masters degree in education, Joyce delights in exploding current myths about our native plants and animals, and in explaining the less obvious connections between our lives and the natural world. Joyce is one of the founders of Wilderness Southeast, is currently our Executive Director. Her knowledge of plants, animals, and ecosystems is easily and patiently shared.
Cathy Sakas Cathy Sakas
Cathy is an expert at helping people understand and appreciate the creatures of the southeast’s swamps, marshes, islands, coral reefs, and oceans. Cathy has a B.S. in biology, and M.Ed. in science education. Cathy was host and author of the “Coastal Naturalist” TV series produced by Georgia Public Television. She is currently education coordinator for NOAA’s Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary.
Diana Churchill Diana Churchill 
Diana is an expert birder who knows how to make birding accessible and fun for all. She can help you find a “lifer”, or teach a fourth grade class to use binoculars successfully and enthusiastically. Born and raised in Savannah, Diana came early to a deep appreciation of the tidal creeks and marshes of coastal Georgia. She currently writes the “Birder’s Eye View” column for the Savannah Morning News.
Becky Skiba Becky Skiba
Falling in love with the Georgia coast while researching population dynamics of loggerhead sea turtles, Becky then taught coastal ecology to students from second grade to college level at the Jekyll Island 4-H Center. While earning her B.S. in Ecology from the University of Georgia Becky lived in Tanzania, East Africa, working on sustainable development. Her extensive and easily shared knowledge mingles with her joy in meeting new people as Becky spreads smiles and information on WiSE tours of all sorts. She also serves as primary educator for Fish Gotta Swim (see the “Schools” menu tab), and is Administrative Assistant for Wilderness Southeast.
Karen Grainey Karen Grainey
Karen has worked tirelessly to keep Georgia's beaches, marshes, and waterways clean, both of trash and less visible pollution. A Georgia Master Naturalist, she will lead you to delightful discoveries while paddling or motoring through the wondrous wetlands of coastal Georgia. An active volunteer with Georgia Adopt-A-Stream and Clean Coast, plus several advocacy organizations, Karen and husband Philip received the 2002 statewide Environmental Education Award for Extraordinary Volunteer Watershed Effort. Her enthusiasm and passion to explore are contagious, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge of and concern for our unique coastal habitats.
Peter Brodhead Peter Brodhead 
Peter is never so excited as when finding an herb or mushroom that can be used to support someone’s health. A certified nutritionist, working on a degree in homeopathy, Peter is the owner of a natural foods store in Savannah. A walk with Peter will open your eyes to the amazing gifts that are available from the plants all around us on the Georgia coast.
Dave Chafin Dave Chafin 
Dave’s reptile programs showcase his extensive, and permitted, collection of regional reptiles – from turtles to alligators. He even features a few amphibians from time to time. Dave likes to take time to appreciate nature’s surprises, and he excels in finding elusive reptiles. He has some wonderful stories to share! Dave is also a valued volunteer for the Ogeechee Audubon Society, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Savannah-Ogeechee Canal Society.
Dee Hope Dee Hope 
Devane A. “Dee” Hope has traipsed through forests, swamps, marshes and beaches to learn about the rich natural heritage of the lowcountry. Dee has been leading tours for over 20 years on the flora and fauna, history and architecture of the area, and is a certified Historic District tour guide. His work in botanical gardens in both South Carolina and Georgia (including serving as Education Coordinator for the Georgia Southern Botanical Garden in Statesboro, Ga.), has given him tremendous knowledge of native and cultivated flora and its role in the history of the coastal lowcountry. As a tour leader, Dee loves a good puzzle. Challenge him to identify a mystery shrub or tree!
Laura Lawton Laura Lawton 
Savannah area astronomer Laura Lawton has a gift for explaining astronomy in an understandable way. Laura holds a B.S. in physics and an M. Ed. in Science, and currently teaches high school in Savannah. Laura can spin tales about black holes and the Big Bang theory along with Greek or Native American mythology and will show you the stars and planets using her 8-inch reflector telescope.
Mick Danielson Mick Danielson 
An area native, Mick long ago developed an affinity for the rich salt marshes, floodplains and river swamps surrounding Savannah. His broad knowledge of our flora, fauna, history and culture increased further in his nine years as State Park Ranger. Mick developed Fort McAllister State Park’s canoe trail and primitive camping sites. His American Canoeing Association leader certification further qualifies Mick to lead paddling programs. When not out paddling through wetlands, Mick is teaches in Effingham County.
  Mike Robinson Mike Robinson
Mike is a fascinating and knowledgeable interpreter, and an experienced and certified kayak instructor. Savannah-born, the islands and marshes formed Mike's youthful playground. Human interactions with coastal processes and the biogeography of barrier islands became his adult fascination. Mike spent several years as professional naturalist for Little St. Simons Island, and is currently studying geography and researching salt marsh vegetation. He leads our Salt Marsh by Land & Sea programs.
Theresa Wexel Theresa Wexel 
Another Savannah native, Theresa has become a specialist in exploring our gorgeous blackwater creeks and rivers. She is a sought-after leader for local club canoeing trips. Navigating rivers and coastal waters, map reading, and the general ecology of the area are some of her favorite skills to share with friends and visitors. When not sharing understandings of river swamps and marshes, Theresa works at her consulting practice as a civil engineer, and teaches yoga.
  Lydia Thompson Lydia Thompson
A walk with Lydia will help you see birds with the detail-conscious eye of an artist. Lydia uses her B.A. in art to create etchings of native species, which, in turn, kindle interest in birds and their habitats. In 1983 she logged 38,000 miles, listing 555 species of birds. Intrigued by the variety of birds and their unique habitats, Lydia has learned the native communities of our beautiful barrier islands through her avian observations, and also leads our programs on Cumberland Island.
Charles Belin Charles Belin
His expertise is salt marsh and wetland ecology. From his easygoing manner, it’s hard to guess Charlie’s advanced degrees; an M.S. in biological oceanography and a Ph.D. in biological sciences. After retiring from his U.S. Army Corps of Engineers career in wetlands biology, Charlie is now assistant professor of Biology at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah.
Bobby Moulis Bobby Moulis 
Bobby’s tales of turtles, snakes and alligators will captivate you and help dispel the bad press that has plagued reptiles through the years. Bobby has  co-authored three books on the reptiles and amphibians of Georgia, and was active in sea turtle research for 20 years. Bobby is also very knowledgeable about the plants of this area, and a wonderful and patient teacher of everything natural.
3025 Bull St, #302, Savannah, GA 31405
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Our services are available to all without discrimination as to race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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