Get Wild About Savannah!

Wilderness Southeast invites you to stretch muscles, mind, and spirit all while you immerse yourself in beautiful and fascinating places.  Get off the beaten path!  Explore the beautiful coast around Savannah with one of our expert naturalist guides.  For over 40 years Wilderness Southeast has specialized in providing nature discovery tours to learn about nature and wildlife.  We began leading eco-tours long before there even was such a term.  All our eco-adventures – for individuals, families, and groups of all types – combine information from many fields; (biology, ecology, geology, natural and cultural history) with just plain FUN!

Wilderness Southeast’s nature discovery tours expand fun outdoors into teachable moments where participants can see their part, and their footprint, in the natural world.  Observe wildlife (dolphins, alligators, birding); share their habitat (as closely as is safe); observe their food web; see the forces of the Georgia coast at work. Whether your program choice is private or scheduled, tour or field trip, our unique interpretive style will simply help you see, experience, and know more.  Here are some possibilities: The Nature Discovery Tours

 WiSE Guides

We know your experience is defined by the knowledge and enthusiasm of your guide.  Wilderness Southeast guides are carefully chosen to give you a genuine and memorable experience.  Committed, caring, and passionate about this coast, WiSE guides possess a desire to smile and share, plus they have a depth of knowledge that allows them to broaden perspectives.  All have a gift for helping others to see the world as a place of wonder and possibility.  Bring your curiosity!  Our Guides

WiSE Public School Programs

Wilderness Southeast gives back.  Through science enrichment programs in our public schools, we help students investigate the natural world around them, demonstrate that school learning connects with their world, and provide life experiences.  Fish Gotta Swim©, Wilderness Southeast’s flagship program, involves public middle school students in water quality investigations at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge and Savannah River through a semester long series of field trips and classroom labs. Topic-centered and hands-on, the program links schools’ educational objectives with local research and community needs.  Currently, several community partners from both the public and private sectors combine with individual donations to provide funding, giving underserved middle school students a chance to participate in Fish Gotta Swim©.  Additionally, proceeds from our private eco-tours help fund underserved public schools.  You can also donate directly to help these students.

WiSE History

In 1973, three friends, passionate about and intrigued by wild ecosystems and their crucial connections to the quality of human life, melded their knowledge to found Wilderness Southeast, Inc. We began teaching ecology, biology, geology, and human history on three to seven day wilderness expeditions throughout the Southeastern United States, as well as Latin America and the Caribbean. Today, Wilderness Southeast has chosen to focus its programming in the beauty and wonder of our own backyard.  We now offer — to adults, families, and organized groups — a unique combination of day programs exploring the matchless habitats of the coastal plain of Georgia and South Carolina.