As a nonprofit organization since 1979, WiSE has tailored experiences for families, schools, and organized groups of all ages, allowing all participants to connect with the environment and each other.  

From individual explorations to group eco trips… from our Blackwater River Paddle to Wild Island Explorations...from the warmth of the sun to the cool of the water…from looking an alligator in the eye (safely!) to spotting the fins of feeding dolphins — we want you to enjoy exploring the wild side of Savannah and the Georgia Coast!  We expand fun, outdoor activities into WiSE teaching moments where participants can see their roles, and their footprints, in the natural world.      



We believe in service to both our clients and the community, and that human health depends on the health of our environment – the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land that grows our food.  We also believe the quality of the natural world is connected directly to the quality of human life, and immersion in nature is essential to inspire lifelong, environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, WiSE is able to support the community with its hands-on, eco-education program for at-risk youth, Fish Gotta Swim.  Proceeds from the ecotrips you book also help support these students and enriched science education.  We invite everyone to experience nature – the resources and forces that support life.


WiSE Board of Directors

Where the Passion Begins

*  Dr. Marc Frischer, UGA Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (President)

*  Abby Murphy, Chatham County, GA Government (Vice President) 

*  Dr. Victoria Young, Savannah State University (Secretary)

*  Melanie Mirande, retired (Treasurer)

*  Cathy J. Sakas, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary

*  Amanda Wrona, The Nature Conservancy

*  Mehmet Caglayan, Blue Voyage Productions

*  Damon Mullis, Ogeechee Riverkeeper

*  Merrin Slocombe, Loop-it-Up Savannah

*  Jessica Farthing, Anchor Medical

*  Simona L. Perry, Ph.D., c.a.s.e. Consulting Services

*  Dana Braun, Ellis, Painter, Ratterree & Adams LLP

*  Laura Walker, City of Savannah


*  Garret Jones, Executive Director