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Invest in our youth, in education, in sustainability of our natural resources. Help Wilderness Southeast build WiSE students and WiSE communities, one student and one classroom at a time.  Wilderness Southeast’s hands-on science teaching enhances critical thinking and problem solving skills for underserved public middle school students.  Your tax-deductible gift will help tomorrow’s adults understand the value of water in our lives.

You’ll provide these students with life experiences, improve their education in general and science education in particular.  You’ll help make them curious and avid learners about the world in which they live.  WiSE students make WiSE decisions. 

2GirlsDoSalinityLabDonate to help students improve knowledge and skills that will serve them, and the community they live in, now and into the future!  Donate directly here.  Or, since Wilderness Southeast is a member group of Earth Share of Georgia, you may choose to designate Wilderness Southeast on your payroll giving pledge form, if your workplace includes Earth Share in its annual campaign.

Wilderness Southeast’s flagship program, Fish Gotta Swim©, is a nine-session, 21-hour course that engages middle school students in explorations of water quality in our local wetlands.  Merging “earth science” and “life science,” students investigate how the species present (including humans) and the non-living components of the habitat affect one another.  These sixth graders’ natural curiosity and creativity is encouraged as they increase their capacity for discovery and acquire conceptual knowledge of the processes upon which life depends.

3GirlsLeanOutSmilingBoy LeansOut DO Meter copyStudents collect data and observations on three outdoor field trips. On two of these, students investigate the water of marshlands and the life forms supported there. Another field trip takes them on a 47-foot boat from downtown up the Savannah River all the way into the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, testing the water as they go. Classroom laboratory experiments expand on field trip discoveries, allowing further realizations about water in biology, chemistry, andn physics.  Applying the scientific process, students practice critical thinking skills, and then use their new knowledge and experiences to produce water-related projects and participate in an intellectual debate.


Wilderness Southeast currently provides science and education enrichment to underserved public middle schools in Savannah. Proceeds from our ecotours help fund the program, while major funding comes from several community partners from both the public and private sectors, combined with individual donations. All give underserved middle school students a chance to participate in this acclaimed eleven-year-old program. Although we often don’t have sufficient funds to provide the program to all of our city’s middle schools, we do what we can to both improve science education and to provide life experiences to Savannah’s underserved populations. ClassPic:DeRenne

Please help us give some city kids the experience of their lives, as they investigate species from dragonfly nymphs to alligators, and sample the waters of both estuary and the Savannah River. Your individual and tax-deductible donation will be combined with proceeds from our Savannah ecotour adventures and donations of several community partners from both the public and private sectors — all giving underserved middle school students a chance to enjoy learning about the watery world of this coast.