EarthShare of Georgia

Wilderness Southeast is a member group of EarthShare of Georgia — a non-profit federation of over 60 Georgia non-profits, all of which work to educate, conserve, or protect our air, land, and water throughout Georgia.  Through workplace giving campaigns at participating companies, EarthShare raises funds for the member group non-profit organizations in Georgia.  Employers who include EarthShare as part of their annual pledge campaign empower their employees with additional ways to improve their world.

EarthShare of Georgia, as part of the EarthShare national employee giving program, is part of a network representing more than 400 environmental groups working locally, nationally and internationally.

Your workplace might establish an annual charitable giving campaign for employees through Earth Share of Georgia.  There you could support Wilderness Southeast and other member non-profits easily through the annual campaign. Employees can designate all or portions of their payroll deduction donations to Wilderness Southeast or any member group.  Here’s more information:   Starting an employee giving campaign