Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Wilderness Southeast?

Experience Nature!  Get off the beaten path & see sides of the coast and Savannah that you wouldn’t otherwise have seen!  Become an explorer on soft adventures that strive to inspire your questions – and answer them.  On a WiSE adventure we pride ourselves on personalized service, so you’ll have fun while you see more and learn more about your surroundings.

Fun & Expertise!  Explore with our experienced, local, knowledgeable, and fun-loving WiSE guides.  They’re all passionate about nature, this coast, enjoy people, and relish sharing their expertise with others.  You’ll get personal attention, whether you choose a private adventure or to join a small group.

Safety & experience!  You are in good hands.  With Wilderness Southeast you’re exploring with the Southeast’s premier nature tour organizer.  We’ve been organizing and leading eco tours since 1973. That’s over 40 years and long before “eco tour” was a term.

We Give Back!  We strive for low-impact explorations, and we invest in the youth of the community. Proceeds from your tour will help fund science enrichment in Savannah’s underserved public schools!  For an experience beyond the norm, ask us to customize your nature discovery tour!

When do Wilderness Southeast trips run?

Pretty much whenever you want, although we will have suggestions for you about seasons and times of day based on our 40+ years of experience.  Our staff will work with you year round to arrange a trip that fits your schedule and will also allow for the best experience possible.  At least one week’s notice is advised for any request, and is strongly advised for groups of ten or more.  However, if you find us last minute and would like to explore with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.  We also feature a scheduled tour every weekend (sometimes more) that is open for anyone to sign up, but spaces on these trips are limited so, again, please try to call early.  The schedule of weekend tours can be found here

Who can do these tours? Are there restrictions?

The variety of WiSE eco-tours gives a wide range of physical difficulty levels.  Our focus is soft adventure for people who are curious about the world.  We will work with you to find a nature discovery tour that fulfills your desires and doesn’t stress your abilities.  As a whole we do not impose age or health restrictions, but please be aware that some tours are not suited for those of a very young age or for those with physical handicaps and/or health issues.  Contact us with any concerns and we will recommend the best option(s) for your situation.  Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are highly important to us!  We will work with you to create the best possible nature discovery experience for you and those with you.

Where do programs start?

Your exploration will start at the site of the tour you choose.  We’ll give you detailed directions to the site where your naturalist guide will meet you/your group.  Should you need assistance with transportation, please let us know at the time of inquiry and we will attempt to help with arrangements.

What does a WiSE tour cost?

WiSE nature discovery tours vary in cost based on the duration of the tour, the method of travel during the tour, and on whether you are sharing your naturalist guide with others (see scheduled weekend tours) or if you are booking a customized, private eco-tour.  Walking tours tend to have the lowest base cost as we rely only on our feet to explore an area (but have no fear, we’re not talking miles of strenuous hiking, just a leisurely walk).  Paddling adventures are our mid-level price point as there is some costly equipment needed, but your arms provide the fuel.  Motorboat-based tours have the highest base price to cover the high cost of marine fuel, Coast-Guard approved vessels, and the services of a licensed boat captain. But you benefit because you are able to access some truly unique places.  Motorboats allow you to travel farther and faster to places otherwise inaccessible.  For a comparison list of private eco-tour fees, click here.  To see group ideas, click here.  We’ll budget your group tour especially for you.  AND REMEMBER: proceeds from your tour help fund science enrichment in Savannah’s underserved public middle schools.

What happens if it rains?

We will run all trips in a drizzle or sprinkle type rain; so bring a rain coat or poncho along.  However, if the forecast and radar show serious or dangerous weather conditions we will postpone or cancel the trip (full refund if we cancel due to weather).  We try to wait as close to the time of the trip as possible to make that call, as weather conditions along the coast can change quickly and we want to do our best to give you the adventure you reserved.  As much as we want to share our environment and knowledge with you, safety is our top priority and we will never take you out in a dangerous situation.

What about deposits, refunds, cancellations?

Please read the Terms & Conditions page.  If you have booked a Scheduled or Private Adventure, cancellations are best received in writing (email is OK!).  Cancellations received over 48 hours prior to your tour will receive a full refund.  After that time, cancellations will generate a 50% refund. No refunds can be given to those who fail to arrive within 15 minutes after their tour starting time, or who cancel within 12 hours of the program.

For customized, private tours,  see Terms&Conditions-JustForYouTours.

For Group Adventures, see Terms&Conditions-Groups.

If you have a Scout Troop see Terms&Conditions-Girl Scouts.

If you have a School Group, see Terms&Conditions-Schools.