Fees for Private Nature Tours:   These private wildlife experiences are customized for the wildlife and habitat you want to experience, and dates and times are arranged to suit your schedule. On your private expedition you will receive the full care and attention of your guide.  If you ask, Wilderness Southeast staff will plan your adventure with you.  Fees below are for private ecotours of 1 to 6 participants, listed together here for ease in comparing.  Start building your adventure with our assistance here, or call 912-236-8115. When you are ready to book a specific private adventure, you may book it directly from the tour details page for that nature tour. Get links from the All Tours Page, and use “Buy Now” buttons to purchase by charge card. 
          If you are arranging an adventure for more than 6 people, see the Groups page, and contact us for fees.  
          If you would rather join a weekend scheduled ecotour, see the Schedule Page.   Questions? Call 912-236-8115. 

Walking EcoTours

These land-based tours use walking as the main method of transportation; some itineraries will also include some driving on unpaved (but maintained) roads in order to access wildlife areas. Trips in this category include: Alligators and Anhingas, Beaches and Borders, Birding, Explore the Night Sky, Native Plants, Parks in the Dark, Salt Marsh Walk…

                   Fees for 2-hour Walking EcoTours:
1-2 participants:$75   —   3 participants:$95 —    4 participants:$115  —   5 participants:$135  —    6 participants:$155
                  Fees for 3-hour Walking EcoTours:
1-2 participants: $110  —    3 participants: $120  —    4 participants: $130  —    5 participants: $140  —   6 participants: $150
                Fees for 4-hour Walking EcoTours:
1-2 participants:$115  —    3 participants:$125  —     4 participants:$135  —     5 participants:$ 150 —    6 participants:$165
                Fees for a Full Day of Walking EcoTours:
1-2 participants:$200 —    3 participants:$225 —     4 participants:$250 —     5 participants:$275 —    6 participants:$300

Birding Tours With Diana Churchill

Diana Churchill is Savannah’s best known birder and birding guide.  Diana is both happily patient and helpful with novice birders, and proficient and professional with experts.  Diana knows where and when to find specific species in all our regional habitats, recognizes calls, is familiar with birds’ life habits, and is an excellent photographer as well.  You can book a birding tour with Diana on the beach, the salt marsh, in forests, or in freshwater wetlands.  Fees below are for land-based birding tours.

                   Fees for 2-hour Birding EcoTours:
1-2 participants:$100 —   3 participants:$125 —    4 participants:$150  —   5 participants:$175  —    6 participants:$200
                  Fees for 3-hour Birding EcoTours:
1-2 participants: $120  —    3 participants: $145  —    4 participants: $170  —    5 participants: $195  —   6 participants: $220
                Fees for 4-hour Birding EcoTours:
1-2 participants:$150  —    3 participants:$175  —     4 participants:$200  —     5 participants:$ 225 —    6 participants:$250
                Fees for a Full Day of Birding EcoTours:
1-2 participants:$250 —    3 participants:$275 —     4 participants:$300 —     5 participants:$325 —    6 participants:$350

Paddling EcoTours

These tours rely on you to paddle your way through unique habitats, but don’t worry –  your naturalist guide will lead the way through the lush vegetation lining winding creeks. Plus we’ll equip you with all the gear and knowledge you need to succeed and fully enjoy the abundant flora and fauna of your chosen habitat.  Trips in this category include the 4-hour Blackwater Canoe Paddle and the 3-hour Salt Marsh Kayak Paddle…  

                   Fees for 3-hour Kayaking Salt Marsh EcoTours:
1-2 participants: $ 160–    3 participants: $190–    4 participants: $220–    5 participants: $250–   6 participants: $280

                 Fees for 4-hour Canoeing Blackwater EcoTours:
1-2 participants:$166–    3 participants:$180 —     4 participants:$195–     5 participants:$210–    6 participants:$229

Motorboat EcoTours

You’ll board a motorboat to leave the mainland and explore the estuaries and tidal saltwater creeks on your way to undeveloped barrier islands along Georgia’s coast.  If your trip is long enough to disembark, you’ll walk pristine beaches and/or forests of your choice of Georgia’s Golden Isles.  Trips in this category include: Wild Island Explorations to Little Tybee, Wassaw, Ossabaw, and/or St. Catherine’s, Estuary Exploration and Trawl, Birding by Boat…

                   Fees for 2-hour Boating EcoTours:
1-2 participants:$220 —   3 participants:$225 —    4 participants:$250 —   5 participants:$285 —    6 participants:$300
                   Fees for 3-hour Boating/Beachcombing EcoTours:
1-2 participants: $300 —    3 participants: $315 —    4 participants: $325 —    5 participants: $390 —   6 participants: $400
                 Fees for 4-hour Boating & Beachcombing EcoTours:
1-2 participants:$380 —    3 participants:$400 —    4 participants:$420 —   5 participants:$440 —   6 participants:$480
               Fees for a Full Day of Boating & Beachcombing EcoTours:
1-2 participants:$400 —   3 participants:$410 —    4 participants:$425 —   5 participants:$455 —   6 participants:$475