Single Day Field Trips For Classes & Clubs


Wilderness Southeast offers a variety of experiential education field trips appropriate for students of all ages.  you may choose to explore developed or wild beaches, wild islands, the estuary, salt marsh, maritime forest, cypress swamps, alluvial rivers, or freshwater marshes.  Combinations are also possible, based on available time and/or budget.  A simple way to start your choice is to list items that interest you from our All Tours page.   All field trips will address curriculum standards, are adaptable to several grade levels, and will have an interdisciplinary approach while focusing on science.  We start with fun to motivate learning.

MarshCountingCrabs'14CrpHorizSome options are available only to schools, scouts, and other groups: River Swamps and Reptiles; Watershed Studies; Animals Nobody Loves (freshwater invertebrate focus); Wild Wassaw Island-A Full Day; Living Off the Coast (human history), Spineless! (marine invertebrate focus), From Fresh to Salt (rivers both alluvial and tidal), Sun Tea and Alligators; Dolphins,Crabs & Wild Islands.

GirlsLeanOutSavRvrLet us know your schedule, grade level, needs and goals and size of your group (including adults); and we will work with you to create a fun and hands-on field trip (or sequence of trips) designed to meet your requirements.  Program lengths will vary according to your goals and the logistics of the habitat or habitats being explored.  Short programs can be combined for a more complete coastal experience.  We are able to accommodate larger classes by dividing your students into smaller groups to meet logistic needs (e.g. boat capacity).

WiSE staff works hand-in-hand with school staff before, during, and after your trip to ensure the program presented by our educators addresses all desired issues, content areas, and state curriculum standards.  Whatever ideas we create together, we’ll send you a formal proposal with all your field trip details.  Let’s get started!

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