Whether you teach in a public, private, or home school, Wilderness Southeast (WiSE) has ways to enrich your curriculum with learning adventures that are easy for you to arrange, plus fun and exciting for both you and your students.  WiSE field studies offers unique experiences that engage, empower, and educate students of all ages.

You may opt for one or more field trips as individual day experiences, or a mutli-day version of our Water Course, a unit on water quality and wetlands that integrates classroom labs with field studies.  Course or field trips – both assist students in active investigations of their world, yet still address core curriculum standards.

Our approach is ecological, in that students will observe and investigate the animals and plants of each habitat as individuals and as part of the food web and energy pyramid of that place.  Studies will also integrate relevant non-living factors such as tide and geography, and include examples of historic uses and adaptations of coastal resources.  Wherever we go, we slip learning into fun.  All WiSE study programs address Common Core Standards and will be adapted to the grade level right for your students.

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Single Day Field Trips

For Individual Field Trips you may choose to explore developed or wild beaches, estuary, salt marsh, maritime forest, cypress swamps, or freshwater marshes.

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Water Course (Multi-Day)

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Water Course is our semester unit that engages middle school students in explorations of water quality in local wetlands.  Integrating classroom activities with field trip studies, and adaptable to local or regional classes, Water Course is available in different formats as educators choose to have Wilderness Southeast educators provide just the field trips or the entire unit.

2GirlsLookUpInvertID-CrpSqAdditionally, please know that we provide Fish Gotta Swim© to underserved Public Schools in Savannah, funded almost entirely by proceeds from our private tours combined with grants and direct donations.  Although we often don’t have sufficient funds to provide the program to all of our city’s middle schools, we do what we can both to  improve science education and to provide life experiences to Savannah’s underserved populations.   Please help us continue to provide these students with the experience of their lives, as they investigate species from dragonfly nymphs to alligators, and sample the waters of both estuary and the Savannah River. Donate

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