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GrtBlueSwallwsFish-HeadVenture just outside Savannah to discover alligators basking in the sun while great blue herons fish serenely nearby, purple gallinules pace the lily pads, and majestic raptors soar overhead.  Under gracefully arching live oaks draped with Spanish moss you’ll learn why powerful rivers sometimes flow upstream — and why that reversing flow of major rivers became important to our early settlers.

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Safely explore this intersection of natural history, human history, and geography while you Investigate the unique, tidally influenced, fresh-water marshes of the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.  Using binoculars and spotting scope, we’ll observe alligators and other wildlife living in the watery world maintained for migrating waterfowl and songbirds.  Your WiSE guide will help you spot camouflaged wildlife so you can get a close look with binoculars and spotting scope — while your curiosity is piqued and questions answered.  We’ll alternately drive and stroll the restored, sun-drenched dikes of 19th century rice plantations, taking fullest advantage of the seasonal wildlife refuge offerings.   Back to All Tours

3-Hr Alligators and Others

4-Hr Alligators and Others