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HandHoldsFiddlerCrabVertFor animals and plants alike, the ultimate survival challenge lies in the transition from fresh water to salt. Visit both beach and salt marsh to explore the dynamic interplay between river, beach, and ocean.

JohnTeachesMarsh from DunesYou’ll observe the amazing array of life in a tidal creek, and come to understand the rich life of Georgia’s salt marshes. If you wear shoes that can get muddy, you may decide to try your hand at catching a fiddler crab.

As you walk the beach on this developed island, you’ll find life on and under the sand, explore sand dunes, and come to understand the forces that alternately build and destroy them.  Discover how creatures adapt to the harshness of sun and sand in both these extraordinary habitats.  If you want the adventure of an undeveloped island, see Wild Island Explorations.

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