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From songbirds to shorebirds – from forest to wetlands – Georgia’s coastal plain provides a wonderful variety of habitats for observing the daily lives of our spectacular feathered friends.  Each season and habitat offers its own special opportunities, some highlighted below.

Our birding guides are there to help and to share stories about our feathered friends, whether this will be the first time you ever followed a soaring hawk with binoculars, or whether you’re after the thrill of spotting a “lifer” among the palmettos.  Novice or experienced birder, general or specific interests — let Wilderness Southeast customize your birdwatching experience in the Savannah area.  Let us know your goals; our birding experts will advise on best times and locations.


Winter Waterfowl:

From November until early March, area ponds, lakes and refuges provide food and open water for thousands of waterfowl. Up to 15 species of ducks may be seen in just a few hours in the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge or in other area lakes and ponds. Back to All Tours


Birds at the Beach:

Brown pelicans, American oystercatchers, black skimmers, purple sandpipers and piping plovers are just a few of the birds that frequent our beaches and estuary year round. Take a walk on “civilized” Tybee Island or go by boat to more remote beaches such as Wassaw Island National Wildlife Refuge, Ossabaw Island, or St Catherine’s Island.  Back to All Tours


Neotropical Migrants:

A variety of colorful buntings, warblers, tanagers, and kites can be seen in Georgia from late March until October. The parrot-colored painted buntings regularly visit area feeders, and vibrant yellow prothonotary warblers make their homes in the swampy lowlands. Spend two hours or an entire day exploring woods and wetlands in search of these seasonal treasures. Back to All Tours


Long-legged Wading Birds:

Many of these large and beautiful birds are easily found year-round in our lush wetlands, both fresh and salt. In spring or summer there is a rare opportunity to visit a rookery crowded with wood storks, white ibis, herons, anhingas, and egrets, all dressed in their breeding splendor.   Back to All Tours BlkNckStiltWalksFrontOfGrassSunsetCrpdVertcl

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