Blackwater River Float


TupeloSwamp,Spring,RedCanoeCome paddle these historic highways, easily glide through the flat, mirror-like surface of this perfectly clear and clean, dark water. Hear the call of the belted kingfisher swooping down for a meal, and, in spring, admire Mississippi and Swallowtail Kites soaring overhead, as the woods come alive with migratory songbirds.  In fall, the cypress foliage reflects a glorious orange.  Join us to paddle this intimate tributary of the Savannah River. There’s exuberance in the open sections, and an amazing feeling of serenity paddling in the tupelo tunnels.

Canoe Partner SmilesYou’ll float down streams with few banks, looking for turtles sunning on tree trunks, white ibis probing the shallows with their long pink bills, and deer pausing for a drink. Your WiSE guide will recount tales of the fascinating history of the area you are paddling through.

Water level varies tremendously, and with it, the adventure you’ll have.  You may be able to hop out to walk among the tall cypress knees, or alternatively to paddle away from the channel, sometimes through the tree tops, and deep into the swampy flood plain.  The paddling is always easy and requires no experience.  We can vary the itinerary slightly for those who want a more physical adventure.

Now offering canoe and paddleboard excursions (or combination).                                                     

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