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sailIf you’ve ever wanted to learn how to “jibe” or “tack,” this is the adventure for you!  Move through the water hearing only the ripples off the hull and the quiet “swoosh” of wind and sail.  Experience what it was like to sail through Ossabaw Sound before motorboats were invented or even a dream.  Join our Captain on his easily handled 28 ft. Freedom Ketch and become part of the crew as you learn to sail yourself through the creeks, discovering Skidaway and Wassaw Islands and seeing many birds and dolphins along the way.  Then, as you sail out into the sound, you’ll kiss the ocean and pick up speed before learning how to return to shore.

While on the big water of the Sound, the possibilities are endless and you may even spot a bald eagle or two while making your tacks.  Your captain can tell tales of Ossabaw Island, Raccoon Key and of course, Hell’s Gate as you steer the vessel for a closer view of the Civil War ruins on Green Island.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced sailor or if this is your first time aboard a sailboat, this is a great trip for everyone!ride the sail