Salt Marsh By Land & Sea


The dynamic and fascinating salt marsh, our seafood nursery, is among the most productive natural habitats on earth. It filters and cleanses, anchors a huge food web, buffers our shores, and shelters many species. Georgia’s marshes supported the earliest humans on these shores, and provided clay for their earliest pottery.  Alternately submerged beneath salt water and baked under the sun, the plants and animals of this unique wilderness are so specialized that new and amazing adaptations are still being discovered by researchers!  Your WiSE guide will lead you and your imagination through this rich habitat.

Kayakers Round Bend In Salt MarshThis Salt Marsh By Land & Sea is the more physical salt marsh exploration, providing the pure joy of gliding through narrow, winding creeks surrounded by walls of green marsh grass.  Exactly what you’ll see, and your paddling route, will depend on tides at the time you choose to explore. In lower tides, you’ll explore the lower marsh and tidal flats, seeing some of the animals normally covered by salt water. In higher tides, you can cover more territory, because you can paddle right over the marsh grass and aren’t restricted to the winding creek channels. You’ll be in your kayak or paddleboard for most of this 3-hour tour.  After basic vessel and paddle instruction, your WiSE guide will lead you where you will see the most, and help your imagination create the parts you can’t see.

Want to spend less time, money and energy, but still enjoy and explore the salt marsh?    See Salt Marsh Walk

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