Wild Island Explorations

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While the wind plays with your hair, your licensed captain steers a winding course along the marsh creeks. Look for dolphins playing and feeding, listen for the call of the clapper rail, experience Georgia’s unusual tides, and see the salt marsh food chain in action.

A two-hour trip takes you through the creeks, sighting dolphins and osprey, and perhaps a bald eagle.  Different tides feature different aspects of the rich food web supported by Georgia’s rich salt marshes.  With 3 or 4 hours, you can also step ashore onto the wide, empty beach of Wassaw Island National WildlifeRefuge or Ossabaw Island.  On these islands, accessible only by boat, you’ll enjoy beachcombing with your WiSE guide there to explain the beautiful as well as the stranger items that have washed ashore.  You’ll enjoy beachcombing, bird watching, photography, or exploring the magnificent maritime forest and sheltering sand dunes.

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With the luxury of a full day, you can venture to the wild beaches and creeks of Ossabaw Island, and possibly even St. Catherine’s Island.  Which island tours are available will vary depending on tides and other factors.

To book, choose one of the four motorboat-based options below.  OR – If you want to explore a not-so-wild beach to avoid the expense of chartered motorboats and their fuel, see  the Beaches & Borders 2-hr tour.                Back to All Tours

2-Hr Wild Island Exploration

3-Hr Wild Island Exploration

4-Hr Wild Island Exploration

Full Day Wild Island Exploration