Orange&PinkSplashBack CrpdVertOur nine-session Water Course engages students in explorations of water quality in local wetlands.  Combining elements of both “earth science” and “life science”, classroom labs provide a spiral for learning on field trips where water can be tested and water-dwelling animals investigated.  Water Course is project based and hands-on, so students become engaged as they investigate the connections between the species of a habitat (including humans) and the non-living components of the ecosystem.

BoyGreenJacketNitrateTestBttrbeanCrpdYour students’ natural curiosity and creativity will be stimulated as they discover and acquire conceptual knowledge of the processes upon which life depends.  Classroom laboratory experiments complement and expand the field studies, allowing further discoveries about water in biology, chemistry, and physics.  Applying the scientific process, students practice critical thinking skills, and then use their new knowledge and experiences to participate in an intellectual debate and produce a culminating project tackling a local current issue.  This course is appropriate for both local and regional use. Teachers may choose to do the classroom work themselves, and involve Wilderness Southeast staff solely for the field trips, or choose for our staff to teach the whole course.

CheckingOsmosisLabWater Course is based on our acclaimed Fish Gotta Swim program which we have operated for the local public school for twelve years.  That foundation can be adapted to work both locally and regionally. Water Course is available to schools and other groups seeking our unique combination of indoor and outdoor investigation to learn about the world around you.

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