What We Do

We invite everyone to experience the natural Georgia coast.  From individual explorations to group eco tours… from cypress swamps to wild beaches… from the warmth of the sun to the cool of the water… from looking an alligator in the eye (safely!) to spotting the fins of feeding dolphins — we want you to enjoy exploring the natural side of Savannah!  We shorten Wilderness Southeast to WiSE to let you know that we hope you’ll bring your head along on your adventure.  We expand fun, outdoor activities into teaching moments where participants can see their part, and their footprint, in the natural world.  We’ve been bringing people to nature for over 40 years.  Our mission is to use FUN to develop awareness, appreciation, and an understanding of the natural world, and to instill a sense of stewardship.

Why We Do It

We want you to enjoy discovering the wild Georgia coast!  We also hope you’ll get WiSE about your environment, the world you live in. We believe that learning is a natural outgrowth of new and entertaining experiences, whatever our ages.  We also believe that educating people to observe, to wonder, and to understand the intricacies and interactions of natural communities will help them make wise decisions for now, and for future generations. We believe in service to both our clients and to the human community, and that human health and welfare depends on the health of our environment – the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land that supports our homes and grows our food.  The quality of the natural world is linked to the quality of human life.  That becomes abundantly clear on the sandy coast of Savannah Georgia.

Girl On Beach LCI Horiz Wilderness Southeast is a tax-exempt non-profit educational corporation.  But don’t let that scare you.  We’ve noticed that the best learning happens when you are having fun exploring a place.  So we take you outdoors to explore wild places that we find intriguing – as well as breathtakingly beautiful.  And then we share what we know, filtered by what interests you.  Our tax-exempt status allows folks like you to make tax-deductible contributions to help support our courses for underserved public school students (Fish Gotta Swim).  Note that proceeds from the nature tours you book also help support these students.  So when you book your nature tour you are also investing in public school students and enriched science education. We invite everyone to experience nature – the resources and forces that support life.

Board of Directors