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Coastal Birding


Half-day or All-day Tour:  From songbirds to shorebirds – from forest to wetlands – Georgia’s coastal plain provides a wonderful variety of habitats for observing the daily lives of our spectacular feathered friends.  

Our birding guides are there to assist and share stories, whether this will be the first time you ever followed a soaring hawk with binoculars, or whether you’re after the thrill of spotting a “lifer” among the palmettos.  Novice or experienced birder, general or specific interests — let WiSE customize your birdwatching experience in the Savannah area.  Let us know your goals; our birding experts will advise on best times and locations.

Pricing:  $180 for 2 people ($20 each additional - Half-day)

            $260 for 2 people ($20 each additional - All day; 8 hours)

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