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Okefenokee Swamp

Customized Trips

With award-winning professional interpretive naturalist, author, and nature documentary writer, host, and producer, Cathy Sakas 

Enjoy a customized trip of up to two nights and three days into the wild, beautifully scenic, incredible world-famous Okefenokee Swamp with your professional naturalist and licensed guide. With over 300 overnight trips logged and still counting into the world’s largest freshwater Swamp, our guide will help you enjoy the Okefenokee as it is meant to be, deep in her wildest heart. 


Paddle a canoe or a kayak while cruising through breathtaking panoramic views of grassy prairies with exquisite flowers and winding trails lined with majestic cypress trees that are home to 10,000+ American alligators. Hear incredible frog choruses while gators bellow their primordial love songs to their intended. Enjoy this unique wilderness while learning about the Swamp’s fascinating natural history as well as its interesting cultural history. 



  • Day Trip (Travel from Savannah included) $250/per person (2 person minimum and then $100/person up to 10)


  • Day Trip (Meet at Okefenokee) $150/per person (2 person minimum and then $75/person up to 10) 

  • Weekend (Camping on Platform - 3 days) Cost: $1500/per person (2 person minimum and then $150/person up to 8)  

Contact us for details.


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