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Wilderness Southeast offers a variety of experiential education field trips appropriate for students of all ages.  Explore developed or wild beaches, wild islands, the estuary, salt marsh, maritime forest, cypress blackwater rivers, or freshwater marshes.   

All field trips address curriculum standards, are adaptable to several grade levels, and will have an interdisciplinary approach while focusing on science.  We start with fun to motivate WiSE learning.

Let us know your schedule, grade level, needs, goals and size of your group (including adults).  We will work with you to create an exciting, hands-on field trip (or sequence of trips) designed to meet your requirements.  Program lengths will vary according to your goals and the logistics of the habitat or habitats being explored.  Short programs can be combined for a more complete coastal experience.  We are able to accommodate larger classes by dividing your students into smaller groups to meet logistic needs (e.g. boat capacity).

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